The Columbia River's "Ellis Island"

The Columbia River's "Ellis Island"


    The 'house that clothespins built!" Our love of history led us to preserving our family's heritage site, the U.S. Columbia River Quarantine Station. But, how to pay the bills?!  Nancy turned her hobby of making clothespin dolls into a small business, beginning with the famous clothespin soldier Christmas ornament.

     In order to relate clothespins to our beloved 100 year old quarantine hospital museum, we set up an historical 300-year diarama depicting human activity at Knappton Cove--peopled with clothespin dolls. Since immigrants were coming from around the globe at ports of entry like ours, the design possibilities are endless! So began our "100,000 Clothespin People Project." That is approximately the number of people who pased through health inspection at this Station between 1899-1938. From original designs for magazines to projects for our children and grandchildren, and our own Clothespin Museum, we have an extensive collection.

     This book documents our story (including recipes!), along with the other layers of history at Knappton Cove, Washington. 100 pages, 8.5x 11", many historic black and white photos, softcover.

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