Pioneer Dolly Kit

Pioneer Dolly Kit

Make a 4" toy doll like something the pioneer children would have had on the Oregon Trail. We used this Pioneer Dolly pattern in our book, Little Belle Crosses the Oregon Trail, where we've made the story of our great-great-great Aunt Belle's westward migration come to life! 
Kit Includes:
	Pattern & Directions
	Match Stick (arms)
	Crochet Thread
	Lace (apron)
	Calico Fabric (will vary)

You Will Need:
	Sewing Needle
	Pens (for faces)
	Tacky Craft Glue
	Sharp Scissors

*Photo props not included in kit. 
Companion Kits:  Pioneer Brave and Clatsop Indians. Companion Patterns  (farmer family) in Things Kids Can Make and Tribal Playmates.

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