• Heather Bell

Vintage Valentine Hanky Doll

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Valentine's Day always gets me looking through my vintage handkerchiefs. They are all so beautiful and lacy, and some have lovely handwork. They send me right back to bygone days. I can't seem to pass up a good find at a thrift store, even though I certainly don't need any more! And, sure enough, on a recent trip to Austin, Texas, I found one....for 25 cents! They make perfect dresses for our custom handkerchief dolls, and you don't even have to cut the handkerchief at all. The ones with scalloped edges make a very nice dress. Vintage jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for these lovely ladies!

You can make your own following the directions in our book, I Can't Believe That's a Clothespin! or call Nancy at 503-738-5206 to see if she has one that might appeal to you.

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