• Heather Bell

The Acorn Elves Go Mushroom Hunting!

    Join The Acorn Elves on an outdoor excursion in to the world of Fungi! Their adventure takes place at Walnut Creek County park in Albemarle county, Virginia after a stretch of rainy days. The variety of mushrooms in this one park is astounding! However, to find them, you must be close to the ground, so let the Acorn Elves show you what they found. Warning: the elves are just enjoying the beauty of the mushrooms; they haven't yet learned if any are edible!!!

     With students and teachers all learning new ways to hold school this fall, this may be the perfect year to learn everything there is to know about the outdoors. You can read about how Denmark is doing just that--taking school outside. In Denmark, the forest is the new classroom. While you're outside, don't forget to gather acorn caps for your clothespin dolls! This is the perfect time for nature crafts. And, remember you can always tread lightly on this planet by gathering pictures of the wondrous things you find outside without leaving a trace.

Stay safe everyone and be well!

Heather @ Heritage Folk

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