• Heather Bell

Solace at Sunrise

Here is Wendell, our young Swiss hiker wandering about the Blue Ridge Parkway on Easter morning. Amidst all the Covid-19 news, it's a welcome relief to get some perspective from the mountaintop. It was quite windy this morning, but, as you can see, Wendell's journey was rewarded with a spectacular backdrop. My husband, a Presbyterian minister, was looking for some inspiration for his Easter sermon when we ran into Wendell. If you would like to see the complete video of the sunrise along with the sermon, click here.

The pattern for Wendell along with 19 additional international clothespin doll designs can be found in our book, It's a Small World. We are certainly feeling our connection with our brothers and sisters around the globe these days. Here at Heritage Folk, we hope you are finding time for some heritage crafts yourself, and perhaps sharing them with loved ones. It's good time to recall many lost arts from simpler times. History tells us that we are a resilient people, and we shall get through this. Easter Blessings!

Heather @ Heritage Folk

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