• Heather Bell

A Tribute to Sacagawea

This Thanksgiving as we acknowledge the 100th year of Women’s Suffrage, we’re shining the spotlight on Sacagawea, the only female member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This surely was a challenging journey for her with an infant in tow. And, it’s likely she didn’t have much of a choice in joining the Corps of Discovery. While much of her life remains a mystery, we do know that she contributed to the success of their mission as an essential guide and interpreter. Simply her presence as a woman, signaled to tribes they encountered that they were on a peacemaking mission. She earned the respect of the leaders enough to have a voice - a VOTE! – in the decision of where to build their fort for wintering over in November of 1805. Enjoy this tribute to Sacagawea. There are more statues dedicated to Sacagawea than to any other American woman. You’ll see images of young Native American women that we used as inspiration for our design. As you reflect on all things ‘American’ this Thanksgiving, remember this remarkable woman! She makes a beautiful Madonna ornament for the Christmas tree. We have patterns & kits for sale if you’d like to make your own doll--or a whole village! If you'd like to see more Native American designs to use for your holiday decorations, check out our patterns in Tribal Playmates. If you're interested in making all the members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, including their dog, we've got a book with patterns and activities for that too. As always, you can find more clothespin doll inspiration on our blog.

Be safe and well everyone! Heather @ Heritage Folk

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