• Heather Bell

A Love Story

On this Valentine's Day I'm sharing the cake topper (clothespin dolls, of course!) made by my Mom for our wedding, many years ago. After watching The Crown on Netflix, it seems rather silly how caught up I was in the royal fairy tale of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, but there it is...look at those puffy sleeves?! I made the dress myself, so there were plenty of scraps for the doll's dress. Thankfully, our story doesn't have a tragic ending, as we will be celebrating our 35th anniversary in December. The cake topper is still in pretty good shape (center picture), although our hair has faded a bit more than the dolls' has! It's a fun reminder of how a simple craft like a clothespin doll can become a keepsake. If you'd like to make your own cake topper, personalized with your own fairy tale dress/hair color/suit/jewelry etc..., you can start with the pattern in our book, Things Kids Can Make. I will say, this is a more involved doll to put together, and probably a little difficult for young (or old!) hands, but any personal gift will turn out to be a treasure, whether or not you deem it worthy for the top of your cake! It also makes a very special ornament for a couple's first Christmas tree. Happy Valentine's Day!

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