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     We a mother-daughter team that has a passion for history and heritage crafting. We are especially fond of the old-fashioned clothespin. According to Webster’s dictionary, clothespins date back to 1846 in the United States. English ‘clothes pegs’ were recorded as early as 1825. It didn’t take long for younsters to observe how much a clothespin resembled a tiny doll. Clothespin dolls have enchanted us from the first time we made clothespin soldier Christmas ornaments years ago! We even have a Clothespin Museum located at our heritage site, the historic U.S. Columbia River Quarantine Station: The Columbia River's "Ellis Island" We hope you'll come visit us if you're in the vicinity.

     Nancy, the mother, a graduate of Oregon State University has a background in education, outdoor education,home economics, 4-H leadership, and professional craft design. She is currently the director of Knappton Cove Heritage Center.

     Heather, the daughter, also a graduate of OSU, has a background in communications, food & nutrition, 4-H, and professional craft design. She is currently living in Charlottesville, VA, but during the summer you'll find her at Knappton Cove Heritage Center.


     With mother and daughter living on opposite ends of the country, you'll find designs incorporating all the history in between!